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Do you need an ally in your grief?

 Stories. Tenacity. Survival. 

Do you hope that you can love your way THROUGH it all? 

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Hey there!

I’m Jess, the heart behind The Final Salute LLC; a resource and storytelling space dedicated in the memory of my brother, SFC Zachary M. Brown. Our mission is fueled by the urgent desire to support our HEROES, America’s military, veterans, and their families and cultivate a community focused on connection and mental health.

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Tragedy strikes! Whether it’s to you, your friends, or your family, you wonder if you will ever overcome the pain. You hit the internet to look for the how-to-survive manual. Maybe you're not the first who has experienced your tragedy. You find comfort by survivor stories and hope slowly returns. I get it, I’ve been there too. If we’re lucky enough and live a long life, we will repeat this cycle of feeling broken, hopeless, and completely alone followed by tears, anger, grace, and rebuilding.

What if you could feel heard and supported? What if someone was awkwardly honest with their journey and that exchange provided you with control or emotional armor when crisis hits?

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