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We take pride in being authentic. By sharing our story, and acknowledging our uncomfortable fear, we help people facing adversity know that even in the darkest spaces there is light.

2024 Veterans Day 5K Mitch Park

What better way to express gratitude to ALL that have served with sacrifice and duty than lacing up your sneakers to walk and run Mitch Park? We also honor Zach Brown’s life and legacy as well as the many others we’ve lost to suicide. Completing the course on the Saturday before Veterans Day shows our active-duty military, veterans, etc. and their families that we support them and whatever silent struggles they may be enduring. This year’s proceeds will benefit The Hugs Project OKC a 501c3 (EIN 35-2249092) who weekly ships a hug (or care package) to American servicemen and women in highly combative areas, such as Bulgaria, Iraq, Poland, and Honduras.

2023 Event Recap

We couldn’t have done this without: Snow Smore, Wicked Hangry, Speech Pathway, Threshold Gym, NAMI Oklahoma, UCO WinterGlow, The Big Friendly Beer Bus, Okie Artistry, Diamond Inflatables.

It still gives us goosebumps reflecting on our inaugural event and raising $10,500 for Mission 22 and seeing 105 registrants. The biggest wins of the day didn’t make it to a profit/loss report but in the conversations and company shared that afternoon. We are humbly grateful for the excitement shown in 2023. We couldn’t have done this without The City of Edmond, Red Coyote Running, hospitable vendors, and leading sponsor The VA Home Team OKC. We appreciate you joining us in this crisis and look forward to seeing you in 2024!”

Speaking Engagements

Inspirational presentations & keynotes are something Jess can do for you.

The Genuine Article: Honest Conversation about Our Military/Veteran Suicide Loss

Saturday, April 22, 2023

Experience a successful military career and subsequent suicide loss through the eyes of the departed’s sibling and battle brother. A deeply honest conversation will be had that demands radical transformation in healthcare and within caring communities, both military and civilian. The aim of our presentation is to strengthen the call to action within civilians, policy makers, and surviving Military/Veteran families. Attendees of the workshop will engage in learning discussions and activities that facilitate innovative strategies to aid susceptible Mil/Vet individuals.

Professional hand holder and space maker.

Would you like unbiased support?

We provide bereavement care to support you and your family as you navigate your journey with grief.

Would you like someone to be strictly there for your benefit and to help you find your voice on your worst days?

We can help navigate funeral arrangements, life celebration planning, military honors, and more to ensure your loved one is honored and remembered. 


Discover ongoing grassroot and national military mental health initiatives and support the non-profits doing the trailblazing work.

Helping to Reduce the Impact of the Military Health Epidemic

We pride ourselves on teamwork and proudly invest in organizations that share our commitment to reducing the impact of the military mental health epidemic.

Death Doula

Jess is passionate and grateful to discuss grief and death work in an unbiased space.

Event Production

Help your local community exhibit Actionable Care.
Learn about Veterans Day 5K – Mitch Park 2023 and how you can support us next year.

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